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Dan only uses the best
for cleaning. And when
it comes to the safest,
greenest, and the
cleanest, he uses Host®

Thousands of professional cleaners use the Host® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System in houses as well as in major facilities. Host® is a superior way to deep clean carpets wall-to-wall, remove difficult spots and spills and clean those heavily soiled problem areas caused by high traffic. Because Host® is a dry system, the carpet is clean, fresh, dry and ready to use as soon as the cleaning is done. Host® is widely used in 60 countries and is approved by over 100 carpet mills worldwide.
host carpet cleaning product professionally done by Dan the Carpetman
a nice blue carpet cleaned by Dan the Carpetman in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois
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Dan the Carpet Man is sponsored by the Floor Covering Institute of Technical Services This Carpet Man is also green service certified in carpet cleaning Dan is part of the Professional Carpet Cleaning Associations Dan the Carpet Man is Woolsafe Certified and Approved
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